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Ms.Jones has been a name among lesbian and queer women in Amsterdam and the surrounding area for almost a decade. What started as a small-scale initiative has grown into a dynamic and popular concept, known for its inclusive and lively atmosphere. From secret stages at the iconic Milkshake Festival to dazzling performances at Walibi Holland and unforgettable club nights in most clubs in Amsterdam - Ms.Jones has left her mark on the Dutch LBTQ+ scene.

Ms.Jones offers a unique space and community where queer women, especially bi-cultural women, can party, dance, enjoy, travel, date and meet new people in a safer way. Our events are designed to create a sense of community and connection, where diversity is celebrated and everyone can be themselves. Ms.Jones is not just an event, but a movement that promotes empowerment and inclusivity. With Ms.Jones everyone can be themselves without fear of judgment or exclusion.

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With a rich history spanning nearly a decade, Ms.Jones has built a solid reputation as the place for queer women to come together and enjoy themselves. Ms.Jones is known for her energetic atmosphere, impressive line-ups and a sense of community that you won't find anywhere else.

Ms.Jones strives to break barriers and build bridges between different cultures and backgrounds, and is proud of the strong and inclusive community she has built over the past decade.

Hope to see you soon! -x- Ms.Jones

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