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Colourful Pride, also known as "Colourful Pride – for the People", is committed to creating safer experiences and spaces for marginalized groups, primarily within the LGBTQIA+ community. We do this through various sports activities, such as The Colorful Pride Games, Women's football tournament, The Fight Qlub, and through empowerment and resilience workshops and festive events that strengthen the connection between people. Colourful Pride focuses on the fact that everyone within the LGBTIQ+ community, especially marginalized groups, can and may be themselves, regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity, color, origin, culture, orientation or any limitations.

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Colourful Pride Netherlands is committed to the LGBTIQ+ community, especially the marginalized groups in the LGBTIQ+ community, their families and supporters. Through sports, empowerment activities and festive events, Colourful Pride provides empowerment, connection and visibility for and in the LGBTIQ+ Black, Brown & POC community.
Colorful Pride Netherlands organizes various workshops, activities and (festive) events in the field of art, culture, music and sport that are aimed at empowerment, connection and visibility for the LGBTIQ+ BBIPOC community.
At Colourful Pride we believe it is important that the LGBTIQ+ BBIPOC community can and should be themselves regardless of sex, gender, ethnicity, color, origin, culture, orientation or any disability.

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With #WatDoeJij, Colourful Pride creates online and offline awareness among young people of discrimination against the LGBTIQ+ community. The workshops are given at schools, youth locations and online.

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The Colourful Pride Women's Football 16+ tournament will take place on Sunday, July 23, 2023 from 4:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Various women's teams compete against each other on this pink day and go for the
number 1 position of the tournament. Colorful Pride is proud of the start of this collaboration and wants to generate more visibility for women in football in this way.



Colourful Pride (co-)organizes various festive events and festivals that the LGBTIQ+ BBPOC community can identify with. The aim of these events is to create empowerment, connection, inclusion and diversity in a festive way. Celebrate Black, Brown & PC Joy!



Vulnerability & Self-Love Training
The aim of the training is to take a first step in normalizing discussing feelings and showing vulnerability in the LGBTIQ+ BBPOC community. Discussing these topics will increase the sense of self-love, self-acceptance and self-esteem.

During this (online) training, the personal interpretations of vulnerability and self-love are discussed in more detail in an interactive manner. In addition, we look at what vulnerability means and in which different ways you can increase your love for yourself.

Diversity and Inclusion Training

What exactly does diversity and inclusion mean? Where is the distinction? When do you speak of equality? How is diversity and inclusion experienced in daily life?

These are a few questions that are discussed during the training and insight is provided through various cases and role play.

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Have you always wanted to learn the art of self-defense in a safe environment? And do you also want to boost your self-confidence? Then this is your chance!
Register now for the 'The Fight Qlub' classes from Colourful Pride Netherlands. During the lessons you will learn the basic techniques of kickboxing through various kicking and punching movements. The main goals of these lessons are to boost self-confidence and become more resilient.

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Contact the Colorful Pride Netherlands Foundation for more details about our work and how you can participate yourself or collaborate with us.

Colorful Pride Netherlands Foundation

Chamber of Commerce 82343373

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Bedankt voor de inzending!

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With your support you contribute to the empowerment, visibility for and connection with the LGBTIQ+ community.

Your support is needed and greatly appreciated.

Donations can be made via bank and PayPal.

Colorful Pride Netherlands Foundation

NL14 BUNQ 2058 1690 93


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